How to Get your First Order On Fiverr in 2022 – 5 Proven tricks

Get Your First Order On Fiverr

How to Get first order on Fiverr

If you want to make any business successful, it is important that the first sale happens. It can be hard for aspiring entrepreneurs with new ideas because all their time and energy goes into developing a product or service they believe will provide value to people in exchange for money. In this blog post, I’m going to share five ways how anyone can get the first order quickly – even if they are just starting out on Fiverr!

Five proven tricks to get first sell on Fiverr

1. Create an eye-catching gig:

Create a gig that loved by potential buyers. Think about what you would search for if you were looking for these items and use those words in your listing title, tags, descriptions etc.

Create the perfect gig!

Title of the gig:

The title should attract your potential clients. You can start with a catchy headline, but it’s not enough to get them interested in actually reading what you have to offer. According to Copyblogger, 8 out of 10 people read the post based on its headings and titles alone! This means that if they are looking for something specific – like SEO services or web development help, chances are they will find their way back after clicking through one of these listings from Google searches because the name sounds appropriate for their request

According to Copyblogger, 8 out of 10 people read your article headline Click To Tweet

Images of the Gig:

Add some attractive pictures and make sure that the photos are essential to your service. One thing you should always bear in mind is that the images are highly engaging, so use simple text about image service.


Keywords do more than just help your gig rank in search engines. They are a critical component of any marketing strategy and should be treated as such. Add keywords to your description that fit with the type of job you’re offering, but don’t forget to consider factors like keyword density when deciding what wording is best for certain phrases or sentences


You can make three types of sections in this section, but if you start up I suggest skipping the first part.

Description of the Gig:

This part is very, very important; if you write this part correctly using the service keywords that you will be providing through the Gig, I guarantee you’ll get project very quickly. Do not make any grammatical errors here.


Fiverr is given the option of adding frequently asked questions. Don’t belittle this segment. Until publishing, FAQs think about what kind of questions buyers may have until ordering gig. Just add 2-3 questions and answers, which will be necessary.

2. Create a top-notch profile:

A good profile is the key to success in your job search. Potential employers will judge you by it, so make sure that everything about yourself looks professional and perfect – from your photos to social media posts. You want a full-face headshot with an off-white background for optimal results; candid shots are not advised here! Your bio should also be well thought out: what kind of work do you excel at? If programming interests you, try taking some related tests online or uploading projects on GitHub or Stackoverflow profiles as proof of merit.

3. Social media and Fiverr forum utilization:

Share your gig on every social media and Fiverr forum connect with your gig-related social media groups and write answers on StackOverflow. Answer to questions on quora. If you do this regularly, your experience on Gigs will increase and the chances of getting first order will increase, I followed this approach, it worked for me and I hope it will work for others too.

4. Buyer requests:

Fiverr suggests some buyer requests to each seller according to their skills, don’t disregard these requests, send deals to every buyer request, it can help you get the first sale on Fiverr. You must send out ten offers a day.

5. My suggestions which I believe will work:

It’s important to keep your gigs fresh and up-to-date. Gigs on Fiverr are generally refreshed once every seven days, so try not only be available at any time of the day but also aim for a different gig each week! Attaching exceptional deals or special offers will help you stand out among competitors. You should also participate in forums regularly and set yourself apart by making an impression there with good feedback – both from customers as well as fellow sellers on Fiverr who might buy something from you after seeing how helpful this forum is for their needs. As far as pricing goes, it’s best initially to start around $5 per order since that may have some impact on whether people purchase anything off of your page.

Never give up on believing

Never yield. Never quit wrestling, especially when it comes to following your dreams and ambitions.



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