7 Most Exciting Ubuntu 22.04 Features





Global Dark Mode

Accent Color Selection

New Dock Mode

New screenshot and screencast tool

Ubuntu adds a new feature where the user can change the size of the dock in the new Ubuntu 22.04 LTS.

In the new Ubuntu 22.04, the user can choose their own accent color according to their choice

The revamped screenshot tool included in Ubuntu 22.04 is thanks to GNOME 42.

The user can choose light or dark modes globally in GNOME 42.

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7 Most Exciting Ubuntu 22.04 Features



Expanded Raspberry Pi support

New Multitasking Setting

Grub 2.06

when the user moves the mouse to the top left corner, it will show the activities area

new release of Ubuntu’s 22.04, Raspberry Pi models will support a minimum ram of 2 GB of RAM as swap allows Ubuntu for this.


The boot menu will not be automatically updated by Grub 2.06 if there is another operating system.