How to Transfer Domain to AWS Route53


After you’ve installed or set up any website on AWS EC2 instance, you have to map the domain name. In this article, I have discussed “How to Transfer Domain to AWS Route53”.

So let’s dive in.

How to Transfer Domain to AWS Route53

Before pointing the domain, you have to set up any website such as WordPress on AWS EC2 instance.

Total Time: 5 minutes

Copy Instance Public IP

Login to AWS console and go to EC2 dashboard from the services. On EC2 dashboard, select the instance to copy public IP.Transfer Domain to AWS Route53

Create a Hosted Zone on Route53

Now go to the Route53 dashboard from the services. You can search “route53” on the search bar to find it quickly. After opening the Route53 dashboard, click on the Create hosted zone. Add domain name and select Public Hosted Zone to create a hosted zone.

Hosted zone create AWS

Add “A” Record

Now add “A” record to the hosted zone by clicking “create record”.A record add

Add “CNAME” Record

Create another “CNAME” record by clicking another record. Select CNAME from the record type dropdown. Add www on the “Record name” field and add domain name without www on the “Value” field.

DNS Edit (Domain Name Servers)

Copy all the AWS nameservers from the NS section and change the records on the domain registrar. In my case, Godaddy is the domain registrar.NS Add to transfer domain to AWS

Change the NS records on Domain Registrar

Change your domain registrar NS with AWS Nameservers(NS)

Check DNS Propagation

After adding NS(Name Servers), wait for a few minutes then check the DNS propagation status on any DNS Checker. Let’s use IntoDNS to check domain details.

Test Settings

If the domain propagation completed, you can open the website on the browser. Sometimes domain propagations take a few hours but most of the time it takes less than 5 minutes.Check website


In this article, you have learned how to transfer or map your domain on AWS Route 53. If you have any doubt please comment below. I will answer all the comments. Share the article if you like it.


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