How to Install Vim on Ubuntu Easily [3 steps]


Vim (Vi Improved) is a very easy-to-use powerful text editor loved by almost every programmer. It is lightweight, mode-based, feature-rich, highly extensible. In this tutorial, I am going to share how to install Vim on Ubuntu and also discuss some awesome features of Vim. So, Let’s get started.

Quick Installation Steps

Step 1: Open terminal from application launcher or by keyboard shortcut (“Ctrl+Alt+T”)

How to Install Vim on Ubuntu

Step 2: Check if VIM is already installed

To check the if the vim is already installed or not, run following command.

$ vim --version

If vim is not installed, it will show something like this.

vim version check

Step 3: Install VIM on Ubuntu

Update your Ubuntu software packages and run the following command to install vim.

$ sudo apt update
$ sudo apt install vim

Once the installation is completed, check again the version of vim.

$ vim --version

Now, it should show something similar below.

vim version check command

How to Uninstall VIM

To uninstall vim, you have to run the following command.

$ sudo apt remove vim


In this short tutorial, you have learned how to install vim on Ubuntu. If you have any doubts feel free to contact me, I will definitely try to help you. Also, you can join our elite facebook group to get direct help from me. If you like this tutorial, please share this article on your social media handle.


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