What is Elastic IP and Its Pricing in AWS

What is Elastic IP and Its Pricing

An Elastic IP is a reserved public IP address, which you can use to any instance on AWS until you released it. In this article, I will explain what is Elastic IP and Its Pricing, how to assign Elastic IP address to the instance, how to detach Elastic IP address from the instance.

What is Elastic IP and Its Pricing

Elastic IP and its pricing

An Elastic IP is free if it is in the use state. When you terminate your EC2 instance, Elastic IP automatically detached. But in detach state, it is billable.

An Elastic IP is free for the following conditions.

  1. The Elastic IP address attached with the EC2 instance.
  2. The instance associated with the Elastic IP address is running.
  3. The instance has only one Elastic IP address attached to it.
  4. The Elastic IP address is associated with an attached network interface, such as a Network Load Balancer or NAT gateway.

Release the IP address to stop the charges if you don’t need.

How to assign Elastic IP Address to the EC2 instance

Go to EC2 dashboard and click on Elastic IPs on left sidebar.

Elastic IP Allocation
EC2 Instance Dashboard

Now, choose Amazon’s pool of IPv4 addresses and click on Allocate.

IP Type Select

After Elastic IP allocated, you have to assign it to the EC2 instance by clicking on Action followed by Associate Elastic IP Address.

Elastic IP associate with EC2 instance

Choose an instance and click on Associate to attach.

Instance choose

Now, Elastic IP is successfully attached.

Release or Detach Elastic IP Address from the instance

If you want to release the IP Address. First, you have to detach the Elastic IP address. Go to Elastic IP dashboard, click on Action followed by Dissociate Elastic IP address.

What is Elastic IP and Its Pricing

A confirmation message will appear with Instance ID to make sure you choose the correct instance. Click Disassociate to release the IP Address.

Disassociate Elastic IP

After detaching, you have to click Action again. After clicking action, click release Release Elastic IP Addresses.

Release Elastic IP

Now, your instance Elastic IP released.


By now, you have learned what is Elastic IP and how to assign or detach to the EC2 instance. If you like this article please feel free to share with your friends.


What is the difference between Elastic IP and Public IP

Public IP is launched with EC2 instance whereas Elastic IP has to be assigned. On termination or restarting of the instance, public IP changed but Elastic IP not.

Is it possible to recover Elastic IP ?

When you release the IP address, it might be provisioned automatically by another AWS account. You might be able to recover the Elastic IP address again later, but only if no one else is using it.

How much charges for a single Elastic IP?

You’re charged by the hour for each Elastic IP address unless meet the above mentioned criteria.


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